Managing your event

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 24th, 2022

Overview of all event features

Keep in mind that some of the wordings may vary on your portal. 

When your event is set up, you can access the event management area. The video below will explain all the different features. If you only need information on single features, feel free to go to one of the other tabs in this article.

Managing participants

Keep track of the registered users in the "Participants" tab: 

  • Get an overview of the registered participants. Click on their name and you will be able to see more information.
  • If you have enabled "Approval is required" this is where you accept and decline the users.
  • Export the list to Excel in order to get even more detailed information about your participants in a separate file (e.g. email).

You can send messages to the registered participants. See how in the next tab!

Messaging tool

Keep in touch with both registered participants and exhibitors in the "Messages" tab:

  • Send/schedule e-mails or SMS to registered participants. You will be able to send the message to everyone or use filters on the attendants.
  • Send/schedule e-mails to registered exhibitors. You will be able to send E-mails to all registered stalls or specific ones. When sending an e-mail to a specific exhibitor, all attached stall reps will be added as recipients.

Tip: Send out multiple reminder E-mails for your participants in order to increase the show-up rate!

Managing exhibitors

Keep track and manage the registered exhibitors in the "stall" tab:

Keep in mind that the wordings may vary on your event portal. "Stalls" could also be referred to as "programmes" or "faculties".

  • If you have enabled "Approval is required" in the event settings for stalls this is where you accept and decline the requests. In this case, you need to accept an exhibitor before they can start setting up their stall. Keep in mind, you will not get an email when an exhibitor tries to register, so you will need to actively check this page for pending exhibitors.

  • During the event, you can keep an eye on whether the exhibitors log in. If the dot is red, none of the stall reps has logged in - in that case, reach out and make sure they attend!

  • Before you open up the event lobby, make sure that the stalls of your exhibitors are ready and set online. The online/offline column indicates if the stall is already set online. Based on that information, you can either reach out to the exhibitors or you can help them by setting their stalls online via the action button (option company stall). 

  • You can limit the number of offers and stall reps that each exhibitor can add. By default, the exhibitors can attach an unlimited amount of offers and stall reps.

  • Enable and disable 1:1-conversations, breakout rooms, and event stats for the exhibitors. If you enable the event stats for a specific exhibitor they will get access to an extra tab called "Event statistics". See how it looks here

  • Keep track of how far the different exhibitors are in setting up their stall via the completeness bar. This is based on how many fields have been filled within the stall. Each of the following gives 20% progress: Welcome image, Intro text, Intro media, min. 1 offer attached and min. 2 chat topics.

  • Delete an exhibitor from the event, highlight stalls (highlighted stalls appear at the top on the event page and in the banner on the other tabs) or mark a stall as an info stall via the action button. You can also click into a stall in order to see the content and assisting the exhibitors in setting up their stall!

If you want to help your exhibitor's even further, you can add companies to your event! This way they do not need to go in and register. Just remember to add a contact person so they get access to their stall.

LIVE statistics

Get an overview of what is happening at your event in the "LIVE Statistics" tab:

  • See how many active users you have during the day on the event and if you have live presentations: see how many are watching it.  
  • See how many total conversations, total chat messages, total applications you have for the event.
  • See how many participated in the event (based on active users) versus who signed up for it. Usually, we see around 50% show-up rate.  
  •  See a breakdown of all your stalls and how many conversations and visits they have. If you see some stalls with less activity, reach out to them and encourage them to be more proactive!
  • See a breakdown of the user educations of your registered participants.
  • See where your active users are located in the world.  

Tip: Download the statistics to an excel sheet to evaluate your event afterwards! You can use these numbers to create a report for your exhibitors.

Additional information for hybrid events

Understand where your participants are

When participants register for a hybrid event, they have the chance to set whether they are attending online, physically, or both. This information will be visible to recruiters and to you in the event admin.

It will give you a good idea of the candidates’ preferences and what to expect on the day as well as following the activities on the event day. 

This information will be visible... 

... in the 'participant' tab (1) and... 

... in the LIVE Statistics (2).