Create awareness and guide your audience via pop up ads

Premium add-on

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at June 16th, 2022

Pop up ads are a premium add-on to your event. In order to activate it, get in touch with your contact person at Graduateland or write to us here.

What are pop up ads? 

A pop up ad is a small info box that pops up on the user side during a time slot of your choosing. It is a proven way to engage and activate your audience and guide them during your virtual event.

You can target your audience and share information, or redirect them to any page during your event:

  • LIVE Presentations
  • Company stalls
  • Available offers/programs/courses

How to enable pop up ads

  1. Make sure pop up ads are activated for your event. If they are, you will have received a confirmation email including an excel sheet.
  2. Fill out the excel sheet with the desired pop up content (header, text, call-to-action button and image) and specifications.
  3. Send the completed excel sheet to your contact person at the latest one week before the event.
  4. We will send you a confirmation email and your pop up ads will be activated for the desired date and time.

Additional information for hybrid events

There is no additional information for hybrid events.



How long is one pop up ad shown?

That is up to you! Just keep in mind that pop ups can't overlap (if you have multiple). That means you could run one pop up the entire day, but then it would only be that one.

How do users experience the pop up ad?

The ad will be shown on the stalls tab in the event. Once the user has been exposed to the pop up it will not appear again.

Is it possible to have two pop up ads for the same exhibitor?

Yes, that is possible. Keep in mind that if the same ad appears at separate times during the event (e.g. 12.00-12.15 and 15.00-15.15) these will count as two pop up ads.