Adding pre-recorded presentations to your event

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 30th, 2021

Setting up pre-recorded presentations

What are pre-recorded presentations?

"Pre-recorded presentations" is a feature where you can upload recorded videos of for example welcome speeches or presentations of your exhibitors. The video(s) will be played at a specific time of your selection during the event in the "Presentations" tab. This way you can still offer presentations and schedule them to imitate the live aspect but without the hassle of the technical set-up and the pressure of actually being broadcasted live. 

Keep in mind that it is not possible for participants to ask live questions when choosing this type of presentation. Live Q&As are only available when the presentations are live-streamed. Find out more here.

How to set up the pre-recorded presentation schedule

Take a look at the video below to get familiar with the pre-recorded options:

In short, you can choose between two types of pre-recorded presentations that are automatically played during the scheduled time(s):

  1. One pre-recorded presentation: Choose this option if you have one pre-recorded video, e.g. one pre-recorded presentation, or several pre-recorded presentations gathered in one long video
  2. Multiple pre-recorded presentations: Choose this option if you have several pre-recorded videos

The following covers the same as the above video.

1. One pre-recorded presentation

  • Insert the link to the pre-recorded video containing the live presentation(s). It has to be a Youtube video and its settings must allow embedding
  • Add the presenting exhibitor to your schedule and the time slot where the video should be shown. If you have multiple presentations in one video, add all presenting exhibitors to the schedule and the corresponding time slots. You will need to calculate this based on your video.

E.g. in this case the video will be 40 minutes long in total where the first 20 minutes features Graduateland presenting and the last 20 minutes has a speaker from Art Monkeys.

2. Multiple Pre-Recorded Presentations

  • Insert the links to the videos. They have to be Youtube videos and their settings must allow embedding
  • Add all the presenting exhibitors to your schedule and the start time for when you want each video to start being shown. The system will automatically calculate the length of the videos and insert the end time

Multiple sessions

If you add multiple live presentation sessions, the participants will be able to choose what live presentations they would like to watch from a dropdown. This is necessary if:

  • You are planning to have a mix of the types of live presentations (e.g. both live presentation and pre-recorded)
  • You are having presentations running parallel

You can add a session via the button "Add a LIVE Presentation"

... and you are ready to go! Find the guide for the live presentation option here.


Additional information for hybrid events

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