Chatting With Companies

Written By Amanda Costa Bizarro (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 29th, 2021

Live chatting is one of the essential parts of a virtual career fair. There are many advantages to this: It saves you time, it can save you money and it is super convenient. Even with the ease of access, do not forget to put in the work and effort to ensure an efficient conversation, as this will more likely benefit your career! Do your research, update your profile, and prepare an elevator pitch.

When the event goes live, you can start a chat in two ways:

Go to the company stall that you would like to engage with and start a chat by clicking on one of the topics!
Be patient if the company does not get back straight away. Remember that the company representatives may have multiple chats ongoing simultaneously. You can continue looking through the event in the meantime - when the recruiter gets back to you, you will get a notification in your inbox (the envelope icon in the top right).

You can also start a chat directly with a company when viewing one of their job posts! Go ahead and ask questions about the specific job or the company in general.


Dress up! Why? First of all, studies show that dressing up as a professional will help keep you in the right job-hunting mindset. There is power in dressing the part—more so than you might think. Secondly, company reps are actually able to directly video (and audio) call you from the chat, so be prepared!