Keep track of your event performance via the event statistics

Keep in mind that this feature might not be available for your event.

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 10th, 2022

Event statistics

Keep in mind that this feature might not be available for your event. It will depend on the event you are attending - for more information about the availability of the feature, reach out to the event organisers. 

What are event statistics? 

Participating in a virtual career fair provides relevant exposure to your opportunities through the promotion of the event. But keep in mind that a virtual career fair is not just about recruiting but in addition exposing your brand to candidates. Participating in a virtual career fair increases your overall recruitment performance and employer engagement.

In the "live statistics" tab, you can find data about: 

  • Stall visits 
  • Chats
  • 1:1 conversations
  • Breakout rooms
  • Applications 

How can you profit from the live statistics? 

The event statistics make it possible for you to... 

... keep track of your stall's performance on the event day as well as before and after the event. 

... adjust your event activities during the event! For instance, if you see your stall has fewer chats on average than other stalls, be proactive and go start chats with candidates yourself.

... learn about and understand the candidates' profiles that are interested in your brand. 

... compare your event performance with other exhibitors. 

Some last tips to boost your performance 

  • Communicate your event attendance via your own channels! The more candidates are aware of the event, the more participants will register and show up on the event day.

  • Be active! During the VCF, proactivity from companies is essential for an efficient use of time at the event. Engaging with candidates helps with your current recruitment need and building your talent pipeline so that candidates are more likely to engage with your brand in the near future. 
  • Use the data to gather insights! This data is typically unavailable - or hard to gather - at traditional physical events. Make use of it to collect insights, learn, and improve. 

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Additional information for hybrid events

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