Applying for Jobs

Written By Amanda Costa Bizarro (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 29th, 2021

A career fair gives you a unique opportunity to connect with recruitment professionals and to collect information from interesting companies - and, who knows? It might be the first step towards your new job. The virtual event makes it easier for you to get an overview of what jobs the companies have available and you can easily apply for them!

Where to go if you want to see available jobs? Well, there are two ways:

If you are interested in specific companies, go directly to their stalls.
Here, you'll be able to see what jobs they have brought with them to the fair.

If you are interested in vacancies in general go to the "Jobs" tab in the event.
Here you will get an overview of all vacancies that the attending companies are promoting at the event. You can even use different filters, to find the most relevant opportunities for you.


Wait for applying for jobs until after the fair. Spend your time during the event engaging with companies as it is time-consuming to get a good application ready!