8 steps to participating in a career fair

Learn step by step how you get ready!

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 11th, 2022

Attending a career fair and need some quick guidance on what you need to do to get the most out of the upcoming fair? This article will help you get started! It summarises the 8 main steps before, during, and after the fair.

1. Get your recruiter account 

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Great! That means you can log in by using your existing profile. You just log in on the platform where the event is hosted via the "Employer login" (eventportalname.com/recruiter/login). You can access previously posted jobs and content from previously attended events.
No worries, just a few fields to fill in, and your account is set up! 
Go to the platform where the event is hosted and create your employer account (eventportalname.com/recruiter/signup).

Note: If you attend several events on different event platforms you can use the same login details for every platform. In that way, you can reuse previously added content and jobs. Please make sure that you are on the right portal when logging in. 

2. Register for the event

Go to the "Events" area on the left to get an overview of all the events hosted on the platform and click on the green "Register" button in order to participate! 

Alternatively, you can take a look at the video below to see how to register for an event:

Note: Some organisers want to approve their exhibitors first, in which case you will not immediately have access to the event. You will be redirected to your stall settings as soon as you are approved. To speed that process up, you can give your event organiser a quick heads up that you have now requested to be part of their event.

3. Set up your stall 

After you have registered for the event, you need to set up your stall. Be creative and make the stall interesting and informative at the same time in order to attract more candidates and encourage them to start a chat with you! 

In doubt of how you set up your stall? We got you! Find our article about how to get your stall ready here.  

4. Set up 1:1 conversations and breakout rooms (optional) 

If 1:1 conversations and breakout rooms are enabled in your event you can set up and manage these features in the respective tabs "1:1 conversations" and "Breakout rooms". Want to see how you set these up? 

For 1:1 conversations, look here.
For breakout rooms, look here.

5. Set your stall online 

Done with the above steps? Click on "Preview stall" to see how the participants will view your stall. 

Looks great? Then set it online!

As soon as your stall is online and once the organisers have opened up for the lobby, candidates can click into your stall, apply for jobs, and request video conversations. This also gives them the opportunity to plan and prepare in advance of the event!

6. Be proactive during the event!

During the event proactivity from companies is essential for a great experience. Engaging with candidates helps with your current recruitment needs, and it also builds your talent pipeline so that candidates are more likely to engage with your brand in the future. 

We can see that after a career fair, companies get more engagement from candidates and that this, in turn, increases the overall recruitment strength of your brand.

So what are we trying to say? Engage with the participants, be active, and make the most of the event!

See how you source and reach out to candidates here.

7. Evaluate your event performance (optional) 

Use the "event statistics" tab to evaluate your event performance. This data is normally not available - or hard to gather - at traditional fairs. So use them to collect insights, learn, and improve!

Find out more about the event statistics here.

The event statistics are not available at your event? Reach out to your event organisers. Maybe they have some data they can share with you!

8. Follow up with candidates after the fair 

Any conversations started during the event can be continued afterwards as long as your event organisers have not put the event offline. So follow up on the connections, it might turn out to be your next great candidate?