Managing your chat inbox

Written By Luisa Pfleiderer (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2022

How to manage chats 

When the event goes live the chat will open up. Candidates will then be able to start reaching out to you through one of the chat topics you have set up. 

After the event, you will be able to continue any chats that have been initiated during the event as long as the event organisers keep the event online. 

Make most of your event and use the event hours to be active!

Take a look at the below video to see how you manage incoming chats: 

The tab "Chats" is divided into two sections: 
  1. All chats 
  2. My chats

1. What can I find under "All chats"?

Under all chats, you can find all existing conversations with the event attendees. That means new incoming chats as well as existing chats with you and your colleagues. 

Get all conversations in chronological order with an easy overview of candidates. 

Claim relevant chats and assign them to your colleagues if necessary.

Understand what the candidates want to talk about via the chat topics in order to assign conversations to the right colleagues.

2. What can I find under "My chats"?

Under my chats, you can find and reply to all the chats you are owning - the chats you have claimed and those that have been delegated to you.

...Elevate chat conversations to audio or video engagement with one click!
...Manage your top candidates with labels and internal comments for post-event talent management.
... Get a quick view and full access to user profiles and CVs for immediate meaningful conversations.
... Share matching jobs directly with the candidate by clicking on the position from the dropdown.

Want to know how you can reach out to candidates? Find out here!

Additional information for hybrid events

For a hybrid event, you can decide if you want to make use of the optional chat function. As this is regulated via the stall settings, you can read more about how to activate/deactivate the chat here

Keep in mind, that some participants might not see your message immediately when they are participating physically. However, connections that were made during the event hours can be continued via the chat, also after the event as long as the organisers keep the event online. 

Otherwise, the chat functionalities are the same as for virtual events. 



Do I have access to the chat feature?

Yes, you just need to make sure that you ticked on 'active chat' under the stall settings (top right). If the chat is activated, participants can start a chat with you, when the event is live.

The event is live, what should I do? 

Be active! You can find and reach out to interesting candidates via the "Online Talent" tab (see how here).

Can I chat with candidates before/after the event?

It is not possible to start chatting before the event goes live. During the event, the chat opens up. That means that candidates will be able to start chatting and you can start reaching out to them.
After the event, you can continue existing conversations as long as the event organisers keep the event online.

Can I send documents via the chat?

Yes, you can attach different kinds of files to your chat via the 'Paper-clip' icon. The icon is right next to the send button in the chatting window.